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PARTICIPATION PAN Pictura Antiquairs Nationaal.
Stands for Pictura Antiquairs Nationaal and is the national counterpart of Antiquairs International & Pictura Fine Art Fair, TEFAF Maastricht is organized by the same team.

PAN Amsterdam is pleased to announce that Kattenburg Fine Art is returning to our fair under the direction of daughter Saskia. ~ The art dealership specializes in maritime art from the early seventeenth to late nineteenth century and will include this portrait by Jan Mijtens. ~ The current three-quarter length portrait shows Cornelis Tromp in black armor holding a staff in his right hand. A naval battle is displayed on the right in the background. In keeping with Tromp’s character, Mijtens executed the portrait with dexterous and powerful brushstrokes, creating a lively image of an energetic man. Cornelis Tromp was appointed ‘Schout-By-Nacht’ in 1660 and the portrait is almost certainly a commission for one of his houses. Cornelis Maertenszoon Tromp (1629-1691) was a famous Dutch naval officer. He was the second son of Admiral Maerten Tromp (1598-1653), one of the most famous naval heroes of the Republic. His father became a lieutenant admiral and commander-in-chief of the Dutch navy and Cornelis would follow in his father’s footsteps. In September 1645 Cornelis was appointed lieutenant and at the end of August 1649 he was appointed captain. He served in the First Anglo-Dutch War, fighting in the Battle of Leghorn, but was passed over as commander of the Mediterranean fleet after Johan van Galen’s death. He was only promoted to Lieutenant-Admiral of the Admiralty of de Maze in November 1653, after the death of his father Maerten, who had been extremely popular. In 1656 Cornelis Tromp took part in the relief of Gdansk (Danzig). ~ Jan Mijtens (circa 1614-1670) ‘Portrait of Cornelis Tromp (1629-1691), in three-quarter length, in armor with a sea battle in the background’ Oil on canvas 113 x 91 cm Signed ‘ao 1660 J Mijtens F’ 1660 ~ #PANAmsterdam #PANAmsterdam2019 #PANAmsterdam #Kattenburg #KattenburgFineArt #kunstbeurs #artfair #Amsterdam #maritime art #sea view #portrait #Portrait #CornelisTromp #JanMijtens #17thcentury #GoldenAge

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Herkomst: Nederlandse particuliere collectie:Rob KattenburgBezichtig doe een aankoop Fine-Art schilderijen van: Old Master Painter ENGEL HOOGERHEYDENFine Art Gallery Rob Kattenburg 50 Jaar

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